Nas Pays Tribute To Fallen Rapper Who Reportedly Died From COVID-19 Complications

Nas Pays Tribute To Fallen Rapper Who Reportedly Died From COVID-19 Complications
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On his Instagram this week, Nas, the legendary Illmatic rapper, commemorated the tragic passing of the Queen's artist, Kiing Shooter. Shooter reportedly died from COVID-19 complications. Nas wrote on his account that it was "never easy," and described him as one of "Queensbridge's finest."

Nas, through his record label's account, paid tribute to Shooter - whose real name was William Daniels - again on Tuesday when he claimed the rapper shared the same dreams and vision of the record label. The NY State of Mind star claimed, "what a pleasure to have you."

Thus far, it's not entirely clear how he died, but sources who spoke with HipHopDX and AllHipHop claimed it was coronavirus complications. Daniels reportedly suffered from liver problems before he contracted the virus.

On the 24th of April, Daniels took to his IG to share a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed. As you may know, coronavirus tends to have a more severe impact on those with preexisting conditions, including diabetes, obesity, kidney problems, among other medical ailments.

Another star to struggle immensely with coronavirus complications is Nick Cordero, whose wife, Amanda Kloots, shared Instagram updates repeatedly over the last few weeks. Nick started out in the hospital on a ventilator and wound up having one of his legs amputated.

Amanda explained on the 'Gram that doctors told her there was an issue with the blood-thinning medication. They put him on pills to prevent blood clotting, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

However, the medication was causing other deleterious symptoms so they had no other option but to take his leg. Amanda also claimed that Nick had severe damage to his lungs. Her doctor told her that it appeared as though Nick had been smoking cigarettes for the last fifty years, despite never having picked one up.

Other celebrities to catch COVID-19 includes Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson. Both of them have since recovered after contracting it down in Australia.

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