Naomie Olindo Was Asked To Join Southern Charm Before She Started Dating Craig Conover

Naomie Olindo Was Asked To Join Southern Charm Before She Started Dating Craig Conover
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Naomie Olindo was introduced on Southern Charm as Craig Conover's girlfriend before things went south between the two of them. Little do fans know, the boutique owner was asked to be a part of the original cast.

Olindo recently appeared on the Mouthing Off With Olivia podcast where she spilled the beans on the concept of the series from the get go and even gave insight on how they are looked at by Charleston natives.

Apparently, star and showrunner Whitney Sudler-Smith approached Naomie to do the show when it first premiered. She filmed for the pilot but declined to be a part of the cast.

Years later, she started dating Craig who she knew from college.

'Craig went to College of Charleston too. We met at college and we knew each other there. He had kind of pursued me a little bit, but I always had a boyfriend at the time. But, I thought he was cute. When we first started dating, the deal was ‘This is your thing. It will never be my thing, I want nothing to do with this.'

To most, it would seem as though Naomie should've jumped at the chance to appear on reality TV, but it turns out that the city looks down on the show -- something that they still do to this day.

'What people don’t know is in Charleston, the show when it was first starting, and honestly, still now a little bit, was really ill-received. People wanted nothing to do with it. They were like ‘How could you guys ruin our town with this trash?’ And all this stuff.'

The reality star felt the same way until she was forced to accept the offer due to being fired from her previous job.

She explained: 'I actually was not ‘fired,’ but mutually kind of let go from my job at the time because they were concerned about me even dating Craig and his connection with the show. Crazy.'

Do you think Naomie makes a good cast member?

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