Naomi Watts Has Epic Meltdown As She Self Quarantines Due To Coronavirus — Watch Video

Naomi Watts Has Epic Meltdown As She Self Quarantines Due To Coronavirus — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Naomi Watts/Instagram

Naomi Watts' Instagram timeline is a testament to the toll the Coronavirus quarantine has had on people. Looking at the two-time, Oscar-nominees Instagram account, where she has 1.3 million followers, you will notice a trend. Her photos and videos have shifted from glammed up, red carpet events and magazine covers, to a woman who is missing the makeup, looks a bit frazzled, and has had it with being locked up in the house due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people are saying they can relate to the frustration the award-winning actress displays in a new video where she says her vacuum, printer, and dishwasher all broke down on the same day (that's some serious bad luck for anyone!).

Naomi let her anger fly as she acted out a scream (or maybe she was screaming and then dubbed her voice?) to a soundtrack of a tiger or lion roaring. Naomi looked like she was screaming as her mouth was wide open and her face turned red, but she is an amazing actress, so maybe the slow-motion video was more for her fans than a true, epic meltdown. Either way — people can relate to her frustration as more people say they are feeling a bit stir crazy due to being in the house 24/7.

You may see the video that Naomi Watts shared on her timeline along with the following caption below.

Quarantine Day #756: When your printer, vacuum cleaner and dishwasher all break in the same day.... #ffs 🦠🦖

What's also noticeable is that right before Naomi shared the meltdown video, she has shared plenty of photos of herself not only cooking, but eating as well.

Many people are commenting on how celebrities, in general, are looking a bit more "normal" during the pandemic as they aren't getting their hair and makeup done, there are no botox and collagen or other filling treatments to be had and some celebrities are simply not working out as much as they otherwise would do.

In one photo, Naomi is seen with what appears to be a red velvet cake with white frosting (maybe cream cheese or buttercream?) and is digging in.

What do you think? Can you relate to Naomi Watt's epic meltdown on Instagram? Are you eating more or less since the Coronavirus pandemic?

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