Naomi Campbell Releases Video Claiming She Had No Idea What Jeffrey Epstein Was Up To

Naomi Campbell Releases Video Claiming She Had No Idea What Jeffrey Epstein Was Up To
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According to a report from Page Six, Naomi Campbell recently came out to deny the allegation that she may have been complicit in the sex trafficking crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. However, according to her, she had no idea he was guilty of "indefensible" crimes.

Naomi sat in front of a camera in a video posted to YouTube while she was asked questions about whether or not she knew anything about Jeffrey Epstein. Campbell appeared to have staged the interview.

Paraphrasing what the 49-year-old model said before the camera, Naomi was "sickened" like every other person was in the face of Epstein's "indefensible" actions.

The model expressed gratitude at never having to deal with sexual abuse in the same manner, although, she claimed she has had her "fair share of sexual predators."

Virginia Giuffre, and his supposed madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, were photographed on a yacht together in the French Riviera where the supermodel was celebrating her 31st birthday with Flavio Briatore. Virginia was 17 at the time.

Campell states she first met Epstein at a party in 2001 while in Saint-Tropez. She was introduced to Jeffrey by Flavio, who is an Italian businessman. Moreover, Naomi claims Epstein apparently was always at the front and center of nearly every Victoria's Secret show.

As fans of the model know, Campbell has been a mainstay at the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows. She previously appeared in advertising campaigns for the brand, which is owned by Leslie Wexner, a billionaire benefactor and personal friend of Jeffrey.

Moreover, according to a recently revealed set of documents regarding a lawsuit, Campbell was a guest on Jeffrey's private jet. But she didn't address this in the alleged staged-interview. Previously, Naomi was under fire for being pictured in photographs among people such as Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, as well as Jeffrey Epstein.

Naomi added that it's difficult to take pictures with people because they can often be used as ammunition later through taking the subject matter out of context.


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