Naomi Campbell Dishes On What It's Like To Turn 50

Naomi Campbell Dishes On What It's Like To Turn 50
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Naomi Campbell is living her best life at 50-years-old. When Naomi sat down with the Daily Pop co-host, Morgan Stewart, the internationally renowned supermodel dished on her big birthday. E! Online reported that on the 22nd of May, Naomi turned 50-years-old.

As for how she celebrated her 50th, the outlet says that the British-born model had a "surreal and serene day." According to Campbell, on account of the social distancing guidelines, she and her three friends just hung out together.

"I'm also very happy to get to 50," Naomi said. With all that said, there have been some struggles while getting used to self-isolation. The model claimed she had to get used to technology, especially for her recent cover on Essence.

In May, Naomi had to make a cover photo for Essence using just an iPhone. Naomi said that normally, a magazine cover requires a massive team effort, however, she had to take on several jobs when usually she would just have one.

Naomi joked with the Daily Pop co-host that when all of the equipment arrived at her home, she felt incredibly "intimidated." All she knows how to do is sit down in front of lights and have her photograph taken; she doesn't know how to use photography equipment.

Naomi went on to say that she had to perform four crucial tasks at once, she had to be a hairdresser, a photographer, a makeup artist, as well as her own housekeeper. With all that said, Naomi said she felt honored to take on the challenge.

Campbell said that it was a "privilege and an honor" for her to be able to do this for her magazine and her culture. In other news, Naomi revealed she was the only face of the makeup artist, Pat McGrath. She celebrated the news by stating she was the number one model for the company.

According to Campbell, who has dated some of the most famous men in Hollywood, he was easily one of the best makeup artists in the world.

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