Nancy Pelosi Vs. Donald Trump - #PresidentPelosi Trends On Twitter And People Show Her A Lot Of Support!

Nancy Pelosi Vs. Donald Trump - #PresidentPelosi Trends On Twitter And People Show Her A Lot Of Support!
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After #PresidentPelosi began trending on Twitter, social media users started dreaming that both Donald Trump and Mike Pence somehow had to step down from office and let Nancy Pelosi take the gig! The Speaker of the House received quite a lot of support from the people amid her back and forth with the Donald.

The hashtag started precisely because of her conflict with the president.

First of all, Pelosi postponed the State of the Union event and uninvited Trump.

The way he responded? – He refused to provide her with a military plane for an unannounced Afghanistan trip and instead, suggested she should just take a commercial flight.

But the real problem with this, aside from his pettiness, is that it was supposed to be an unannounced trip for security reasons, but Trump simply disclosed it to the whole world.

Pelosi had no choice but to cancel the trip.

The woman even claimed that the Trump administration leaked her commercial flight info!

But wait, there’s more! The First Lady, Melania Trump proceeded to use a military plane to fly down to Florida, despite refusing one to Pelosi to go to a warzone!

Amid all of that and the government shutdown, a lot of social media users started to daydream about how much better things would be if Nancy magically became the new president, hence why #PresidentPelosi trended.

Here are a few of the tweets on the matter: ‘It’s going to take a woman to clean up this damn orange mess #presidentpelosi.’ / ‘If I could be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office to see Trump’s face when he sees that #PresidentPelosi is trending on Twitter.’ / ‘PresidentPelosi I don’t think this is gonna happen but anything that makes the asshat mad I’ll gladly help trend. 🤣.’


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