N.O.R.E. Touches On Doja Cat's 'Racist Chat Room' Scandal

N.O.R.E. Touches On Doja Cat's 'Racist Chat Room' Scandal
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Hot New Hip Hop said today that NORE managed to move from a rap career to podcast hosting without a problem. Typically, he doesn't discuss all of the scandals in the hip-hop community, but the former rapper did touch on Doja Cat's scandal from a few weeks back.

According to the outlet, his social media post tangentially referred to Doja Cat while trashing Candace Owens, the conservative political commentator who has taken a lot of heat in the hip-hop and black communities.

During a discussion between NORE, Spice Adams, and Mina Kimes, NORE revealed that he has been following Doja Cat's rise in the rap game even before she started working with Nicki Minaj. Kimes said to the former rapper that she would never be able to look at the performing artist the same once she saw her tweets.

NORE said that even though he supported her at the start of her career, he didn't like seeing the way she handled the social media controversy, including not only the scandal itself but also the apology that came after.

NORE joked that he has been to many places in his life by accident, but never a "racist right-wing chat room." NORE says he hasn't been to a Ku Klux Klan meeting either.

You can check out the YouTube video below:

According to NORE, the entire scandal to him felt like an episode of The Chappelle's Show, particularly, the iconic Clayton Bigsby skit. In case you haven't seen it, Dave portrays a blind white supremacist who happens to be a black man.

"This gotta be a joke," he explained, before going on to say that the worst part about it was the apology, which he believes was half-hearted and not sincere at all.

Doja Cat came under fire earlier this year after she mocked the Arab community in the United States. The rapper told a hypothetical Arabic person to "go blow up a car or something lol."

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