Music Industry Exec Claims Grammys Is Fraught With Corruption

Music Industry Exec Claims Grammys Is Fraught With Corruption
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A report from Variety recently claimed that Taylor Swift would only have one motive when it comes to backing out of the Grammy Awards this week. It was revealed earlier today that the pop-star backed down from her surprise performance due to the allegations of sexism against the Recording Academy.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Taylor had every reason to put on a performance at the Grammy Awards this year, including her new record, Lover. In other words, the fact that was willing to back out at the last minute shows her stance toward the recent scandal.

The problems at the Academy were first reported on in the mainstream media on the 16th of January when it was revealed Deborah Dugan had been fired following her hiring as the first female CEO of the Recording Academy.

Deborah was there for only five months. Dugan had replaced the former president, Neil Portnow, who she claimed was accused of rape by a female singer. As the story goes, Dugan was fired for "bullying" other executives, however, she claims the real reason was that she was spilling all the details on the supposed corruption.

Rob Kenner, who helped found Vibe Magazine, and was also a voter at the Grammys between 2010 until 2014, claimed that it was always an "open secret" that back-door negotiations were being done.

Moreover, he also claimed that it was important to be careful when classifying music due to the fact a more recognized name would easily beat out another record that actually fits better into the prescribed category.

One music industry publicist reportedly explained to the New York Post that there was "favoritism" in all awards ceremonies, however, the Grammys has both "finagling and favoritism." A music industry publicist went on to say that there has always been corruption in the industry, perhaps more than any other industry.

Following Dugan's firing, she's now planning to file a lawsuit against the Recording Academy, which has been described as a "boys club." Dugan went on to state that she felt like she was living in the "Twilight Zone," and doubts whether she would find work again.

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