Muhammad Ali's Son Says His Father Would've Hated Black Lives Matter Protestors

Muhammad Ali's Son Says His Father Would've Hated Black Lives Matter Protestors
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Muhammad Ali Junior says that his father, the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, wouldn't be a fan of Black Lives Matter if he were alive today. The famous athlete's son claimed that his father would consider them as "terrorists" and "devils."

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Muhammad Ali was known for his skills in the ring but also his contributions to philanthropy and activism. Most boxing historians consider Ali as one of the greatest boxers to ever participate in the sport.

The outlet claims Muhammad Ali went on to deliver speeches at universities, including at Howard University, where he uttered the phrase, "Black is Best." Even though Muhammad was a champion of the Civil Rights Movement, Ali's son claims he wouldn't support Black Lives Matter.

He claims Ali would describe them as "devils," especially in relation to the name of the movement itself. The boxer's son went on to say that Black Lives Matter was not a peaceful protest, and Antifa, the group who describes themselves as anti-fascists, didn't want it that way.

Ali Junior said to reporters from the Post that his father would say, "all lives matter." The comments from Ali's son continued in the same vein. He argued that all lives matter, regardless of race or ethnicity, and he also criticized the purported hysteria around the idea of police killing people intentionally.

Ali Junior said to the Post that police don't get out of their bed in the morning and think to themselves, "I'm going to kill a n*gger today or kill a white man." He added that they're all just trying to get back to their homes safe and sound.

Ali Junior also commented on the way in which people don't see all of the footage. The boxer's son argued that the arresting officer was "doing his job" but George Floyd resisted arrest. He says the officer mistakenly used the wrong tactic.

Ali Junior admitted later in the interview that he and his father had a falling out during the last phase of his life. He died in 2016. Muhammad Junior has been in the news media for other reasons over the last few years, including when he blamed Trump's immigration ban for his misfortune at the border. 

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