MTV's The Challenge: War Of The Worlds Could Bring The Biggest Feuds The Franchise Has Ever Seen

MTV's The Challenge: War Of The Worlds Could Bring The Biggest Feuds The Franchise Has Ever Seen
Credit: Source: MTV

Another season of MTV’s The Challenge is almost here, and this time the cast will return to South Africa where show veterans will team up with rookies from Survivor, Ex on the Beach, and The Bachelor for War of the Worlds. In addition to the competition, there will also be plenty of fighting, and this season fans will see some of the biggest feuds ever.

Fan-favorite couple Zach and Jenna may be heading for a breakup. In the trailer, we hear Jenna tell that Zach that she doesn’t want to break up, but Zach tells her that they are “done.”

After everything they have been through since meeting on Battle of the Exes 2 in 2014, it would be sad to see Zach and Jenna call it quits. It isn’t clear yet what happened between them, and fans will have to wait to see if they can work things out.

Then there is Cara Maria and Paulie, who also went into War of the Worlds as a couple.

“I was afraid that coming in with Paulie might dull my fire, and I was also worried that when you're in a relationship with someone, everybody's going to try to tear them apart. And it's not a healthy environment for a relationship, either,” Cara explained.

In the new season trailer, Paulie tells Cara that “this is a game between me, you, and Kyle. Do not get between him and I.” Cara was once involved with Kyle, and when they got close, she ended up getting hurt.

Kyle and Paulie appear to get into a fight while Cara cries and says she wants revenge. But, we don’t know exactly who she wants to get revenge on. One thing we do know is that Cara and Paulie did end up breaking up after shooting War of the Worlds because of a cheating scandal.

Then there is John Devenanzio, AKA Johnny Bananas, who is infamous for lying, cheating, and backstabbing his way through multiple reality shows. He is always a threat, and most players opt to avoid him and stay out of his way. But this season, he must deal with Wes Bergmann.

There is little doubt that these long-time rivals will feud, but Bergmann says his focus this time was winning. HIs strategy is to get involved with a gang, so he doesn’t get cut right away.

The new season of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds premieres Wednesday, February 6th.


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