MTV Slammed By Fans Of The Challenge For Not Airing Johnny Bananas' Attack On Amanda Garcia

MTV Slammed By Fans Of The Challenge For Not Airing Johnny Bananas' Attack On Amanda Garcia
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MTV fans are not happy about the decision to omit Johnny Bananas' alleged attack against Amanda Garcia on Season 33 of The Challenge . The incident reportedly began as a prank before spiraling out of control — and fans are now speaking out after the show opted not to include it in War of the Worlds .

Da'Vonne Rogers was one of the first people to raise awareness about what happened between Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio and Garcia. Kyle Christie and Theo Campbell were also part of the scandal, which has yet to be shown on the show.

"I’m still not OK with that situation. Like, I’m not at all," Rogers explained. "Before I get into it, let me say I do not think that the intention behind it was malicious."

According to Us Weekly , Devenanzio lashed out because Garcia was smack talking and thought a prank would keep her quiet. With help from Christie and Campbell, Devenanzio taped Garcia's mouth shut and kept going until her entire face was covered. A terrified Garcia pleaded for Devenanzio to leave her alone and made it clear that she did not think it was funny.

Rogers remembered entering the room after the incident was over and found Garcia trying to remove the tape from her hair. Rogers helped Garcia for a couple of hours, but they were unable to get the tape out without removing chunks of her hair.

Shane Landrum, who is not a part of the new season, backed up Rogers' statement and demanded that MTV show the footage. A group of fans have even started a petition on in an attempt to force MTV's hand.

As far as Garcia is concerned, she opened up about what happened on Twitter and slammed the network for sitting on the footage. She later backtracked and admitted that the incident was supposed to be a prank. She also confirmed that Johnny Bananas and his cohorts were not trying to hurt her in any way.

That was followed up with another round of hatred towards the network in a tweet posted the same day.

New episodes of The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs Wednesday nights on MTV.

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