Move Aside Prince Charles! Prince William And Kate Middleton To Reportedly Take Throne From Queen Elizabeth

Move Aside Prince Charles! Prince William And Kate Middleton To Reportedly Take Throne From Queen Elizabeth
Source: IB Times

Queen Elizabeth’s health is reportedly taking a turn for the worse. With her health in question, Her Majesty has decided who will take the throne once she is gone – and it is shockingly not her oldest son, Prince Charles. Instead, Elizabeth allegedly wants Prince William to take the crown as the next King of England .

“She’d rather pass the throne to the new generation of royals, Kate and William,” an insider dished.

The source says that Elizabeth knows that William and Kate Middleton are the future of the royal family and believes they are the key to keeping the monarchy relevant. She hopes that William and Kate will modernize the royal family and put it on the right track for success. Unfortunately, Charles is not on board with the plan.

The insider told Life & Style that Charles was “furious” when he found out about Elizabeth’s grand plan. While Charles is disappointed that he will not take the throne, he was more upset about how Camilla reacted to the news.

Camilla has dreamed of becoming queen consort for years, but she will never take that title if William ascends to the throne.

Elizabeth has not confirmed the rumors about William becoming the next King of England. If William does take the throne before Charles, it would be a drastic change from what Elizabeth announced earlier this year.

This past spring, Elizabeth told the country that she hopes Charles will inherit the crown after she is gone and continue the work her father established in 1949.

Sources claim that William and Kate’s popularity changed Elizabeth’s mind. She also still harbors some resentment over Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla that ultimately ended his marriage to Princess Diana. With Prince William and Kate Middleton having a great relationship and a clean past, it is hard to deny that they will make a great couple on the throne.

Kensington Palace has not issued any announcements to back up the rumors.


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