Mother Of Real Housewives Star Sheree Whitfield Goes Missing

Mother Of Real Housewives Star Sheree Whitfield Goes Missing
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A new report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that the 77-year-old mother of an ex-member of Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn't been seen in two weeks. Sandy Springs police claim Sheree Whitfield's mother, Thelma Ferguson, has been missing since the 23rd of March.

She left her Sandy Springs home to visit a financial institution. Currently, the authorities of the community are on the look-out for the quasi-reality star who no one has seen in over 14 days.

Thelma is the mother of the original RHOA cast member, Sheree Whitfield, whose husband was Bob Whitfield, the former offensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons. Sheree starred on Real Housewives of Atlanta for six of its 12 seasons, including the 10th season.

It wasn't uncommon for her mother to appear on set. Three years ago in 2017, the reality star planned a birthday party for her mother that she adored. During a conversation with BravoTV around that time, Sheree claimed her mom "definitely enjoyed it." It was featured on RHOA.

She praised her mother endlessly on the series, stating that her mom was clearly "overwhelmed with such happy emotions." Sheree shared that Thelma was her hero and she did whatever she could to provide for her family.

On Wednesday, the Sandy Springs police Sergeant Salvador Ortega explained that Ferguson had no known "medical issues." Over the last few weeks, Sheree, who has almost one million followers on Instagram, uploaded several photos and videos but never addressed her missing mother, at least until Wednesday morning.

The reality star urged her fans to keep her in their prayers. In the past, Sheree explained, Ferguson has gone on vacations without telling anyone, however, it's very unusual for her not to say anything to anyone and be gone this long. It's the longest she's ever been gone, Sheree added.

While Thelma's location is unclear, it wouldn't be the first time we lost an entertainment industry figure in recent months. The legendary singer-songwriter, Bill Withers, passed away earlier this year.


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