Mother Of Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Speaks Out After Fatal Car Crash Ruled Her Daughter’s Fault

Mother Of Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Speaks Out After Fatal Car Crash Ruled Her Daughter’s Fault
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The mother of country singer Kylie Rae Harris is speaking out after the fatal car crash was ruled her daughter's fault.

Betsy Cowan is mourning the loss of her beloved daughter . 30-year-old Harris and 16-year old Maria Elena Cruz were both killed in a three-vehicle car crash that occurred in New Mexico on Wednesday.

People is reporting the Taos County Sheriff's Office shared the vehicle Harris was driving struck another car from behind. The impact sent the singer's car into ongoing traffic, where she collided head-on with Cruz's vehicle. It was that collision that killed both Harris and Cruz.

"At this time, I will say with almost certainty that Miss Cruz was an innocent victim of this senseless crash caused by Ms. Harris," Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in a statement to the magazine.

Although Cowan did reveal to People that Harris struggled with alcohol at times, she did not go into detail. The Taos County Sherriff department won't have a definitive answer on whether alcohol was involved or not until the toxicology reports are completed.

Harris' mother admits the results don't matter to her because it won't change the fact two people, including her daughter, are dead. Cowan does have a possible explanation for what caused the fatal accident.

"If you've ever had to take defensive driving, they say sleep deprivation, emotions and alcohol are the top three contributors to most wrecks. And so, any one of those things could have done it. She had driven 11 or 12 hours that day, and I'm sure that she was exhausted, and she was emotionally exhausted. And I think we all know that what that does to you," Cowan shared.

She goes on to try and further explain the possible state of mind her daughter was in at the time of her death.

"If you've ever had a little kid and they run around the living room in circles trying to keep themselves awake, and they look like they're on steroids. I think that after driving 12 hours and being excited and wanting to stay awake, that that's the probable frame of mind that she was in at that point. And that's probably not safe, but we really won't know the answer for quite some time," the distraught mother stressed.

It was not uncommon for Harris to drive significantly long hours to get to a gig. The constant driving and long hours to make a name for herself was all part of the singer's journey.

Kylie Rae Harris' mother referred to her late daughter as "genuine, warm and headstrong." Betsy Cowan was proud of her "stubborn" child for sticking to her guns and working hard to make it in the music industry. Her star burned out before the world got to see the true talent of the rising country star.

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