Morrissey Attacked On Stage By Overly Enthusiastic Fans - "M's Fans Aren't 'Malicious'"

Morrissey Attacked On Stage By Overly Enthusiastic Fans - "M's Fans Aren't 'Malicious'"

During a San Diego concert over the weekend, a group of concert-goers rushed the stage and supposedly punched Morrissey in the face. TMZ reports that the singer's security team rushed him off stage while at the San Diego Symphony Hall on Saturday.

In a recorded video, it's clear fans rushed the stage while trying to get to him. While the security team manages to nab most of the individuals, one fan snuck by and appeared to land a shot.

The security guard grabbed the man in a chokehold and ushered him off the stage. Other fans waited in the audience to see if Morrissey would perform an encore, but he didn't come back out.

It isn't clear as to why fans struck Morrissey, but in the past, he has made controversial comments in the media regarding immigration and other contentious subjects related to the United Kingdom and the nation's politics.

However, his spokesperson has claimed the incident was not actually violent - it was more like Beatles-era hysteria. A representative for Morrissey explained that the situation wasn't quite as confrontational as it appeared to be. His rep, Peter Katsis, said that fans have rushed the stage a lot over the years, usually in an attempt to kiss or hug him.

"Nobody tried to punch M last night," and added that his fans are never "malicious." Furthermore, Peter said that the one fan was more aggressive than others, so security had to do what they normally do.

Katsis said the man who was the alleged attacker, Carlos Rodriguez, posted a statement on Facebook later that claimed he was caught up in the moment. Carlos wrote on social media that he knew it "looked bad" but he would never attack Morrissey.

The San Diego Union-Tribune claims nobody called the police on Saturday night either. Morrissey is currently on an American tour and has made several stops in California. He's scheduled to hit Mexico City later in November. Hopefully, he doesn't experience something like this again.

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