Morgan Stewart Is Dating Dr. Phil's Son Jordan

Morgan Stewart Is Dating Dr. Phil's Son Jordan
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Morgan Stewart has a new boyfriend, People Magazine has reported. Morgan has been in a relationship with the son of Dr. Phil, Jordan Mcgraw, for approximately three months after she and her husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick, split up.

In an Instagram Live video on Wednesday, the E! News Nightly Pop host confirmed the news. Even though their relationship is relatively novel, Stewart explained that she and McGraw had actually dated already when they were much younger.

The host explained that they dated around ten years ago, but they just didn't like each other that much. She later went on to date someone else. Reportedly, Morgan and the 34-year-old McGraw got back together earlier this year and they've since been glued at the hip.

According to Stewart, McGraw was very persistent, and she thought to herself that it wouldn't be a bad idea to date him. As it was previously reported, McGraw shared a photo of them hanging out in Paris, France, and the picture featured them laughing and holding each other.

Fans of Dr. Phil are more than aware of the eponymous host, but his son rarely makes it into the headlines. Heightline reports that Jordan is actually a singer and has been several bands since he first embarked on a music career as a teenager.

Over the last week, amid the news of the coronavirus outbreak, Stewart has been seen in McGraw's Instagram Stories several times, including when they were both hanging out in Malibu. This will be Stewart's first serious romance since she and her husband broke up after just three years.

In August, Stewart announced her split to the world, writing that they had six years together. However, they both decided it would be best for them to separate. As fans of the couple know, the ex- Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills co-stars tied the knot approximately four years ago,

They first came to prominence in the entertainment industry as cast members of the reality series two years prior. He proposed to her on the show in 2015.

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