Mo'Nique Explains Her Feud With Oprah And Feels She Is Owed An Apology (Video)

Mo'Nique Explains Her Feud With Oprah And Feels She Is Owed An Apology (Video)
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Mo'Nique has been vocal about her feud with Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Steve Harvey. The actress spoke with Comedy Hype and explained the root of her problem with Oprah.

Winfrey did a special of her talk show years ago that focused on child molesters. Since Mo'Nique made it public knowledge that she was molested by her brother, the talk show host called the comedian to tell her that she would be inviting her brother on the show and wanted to know if she wanted to appear.

The Parkers star declined Oprah's offer without knowing that the 65-year-old also invited her parents and one of her other brothers on which upset her deeply. Mo'Nique said that she watched the 'scam' unfold on the TV screen along with the rest of the world and was forced to deal with people coming up to her in public talking negatively about her mother who she feels she has to defend.


'Now I begin to see commercials with my mother, with my brother, my father and my other brother. Now the reason why that means so much is because in the conversation we had about my brother, we then went deeper and we began to talk about our relationships with our mothers and our fathers, and I shared my relationship with her about my mother. I shared with her that me and my mother were not talking. I shared with her that we were in a really bad place. I shared with her that I was hurt and trying to figure this thing out. She never said my mother was coming on the show, because had she, Oprah Winfrey, said ‘I’m going to have your mother,’ I would have said, ‘Shut it down. I don’t need the world seeing how greedy my mother is. Shut that down.’ That’s one of the reasons why we don’t communicate, because of my mother and father’s greed. If you had given me the opportunity I would have said, I can’t put my mother — that’s still my mother.'

Years later Mo'Nique would see Oprah at a party and confronted her about the situation. Instead of outright apologizing, the network owner said: 'If you think I did something wrong, I want to apologize.'

Mo feels exploited and will accept nothing less than a sincere public apology from Oprah.

This comes after the O Magazine publisher has been receiving backlash for some of her recent behavior including getting behind the Leaving Neverland documentary when she claimed to be close to the Jackson family.

Mo'Nique feels that the public is starting to see the real Winfrey.

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