Moniece Slaughter Calls Out Apryl Jones For Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Bandmate Lil Fizz

Moniece Slaughter Calls Out Apryl Jones For Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Bandmate Lil Fizz
Credit: Source: The Blast

For over a year now there have been rumors that something has been going on between Love and Hip Hop stars Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz. Moniece Slaughter took to Instagram to confirm that the two are a full-blown couple.

Apparently, while filming for the new season of LHHH, Apryl and Fizz 'disrespected' Moniece. Which is why she took to social media to put them on the spot and even revealed that the two are living together.

'Congratulations are in order for Apryl Jones and teeny fizzle pop on the announcement of their relationship-slash-f***ship. Congrats on moving into the new house together. Congrats on potentially getting married and having kids and I could not wish for a better stepmother for my son. Just be a little more respectful and mind your f*cking business. And we can be the biggest, bestest, blended family ever.'


This wouldn't be a scandal if it wasn't for the fact that Lil Fizz is a part of RNB group B2K that includes Omarion -- who is the father to Apryl Jones' two children!

Jones and Fizz took to Instagram live to say that they were merely living their life. Fans have suspected that the two were an item ever since they were spotted looking cozy quite some time ago; however, the video of Moniece going off was all they needed for confirmation that Apryl is pulling a very petty move.

One Shade Room commentator said: 'Do y’all only date with in yalls lil circle I mean there’s a whole big world out here y’all!!!!'

Another added: 'Fizz and Apryl is BOTH foul. Moniece been petty for years so what do y’all expect? Omarion has YET to speak out but we waiting.'

This fan verified Moniece's actions by stating: 'Mo called this months ago. Everyone thinks she is crazy but she was on to something here.'

What do you think about the exposed relationship?


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