Monica Is Slammed For Being Too Cocky After Saying This About Ex-Husband Shannon Brown In This Video

Monica Is Slammed For Being Too Cocky After Saying This About Ex-Husband Shannon Brown In This Video
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Monica is spilling the tea on her marriage and divorce, and some of her fans are not here for what she has to say about Shannon Brown.

The diva, who stars on the hit show, T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle , recently opened up to Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox while in the studio while trying to put her new album together.

The talented diva said this about the project: “Maybe this album should feel like history. About how you got so much history with somebody that you just can’t get rid of ’em. He is not gon’ forget me. I’m the only woman he ever married. I got his only daughter.”

She also shared some beautiful memories with fans by saying: “My wedding was still one of the best days of my life. I had the most fun surrounded by the most love ever. That’s how I want people to feel when they hear the song, that feeling, that moment.”

Monica said the former basketball star would never forget her because she is the only woman he married and went on to reveal: “You gotta take a back seat to what your children need. School is starting. Things are happening, so who’s more important here? I’m not saying that it’s easy, but when it’s not easy, it’s not anybody’s business either.”

One commenter replied: "Umm, she’s the only woman he’s married up till this point. And he wasn’t faithful. He could forget me, and I wouldn’t mind."

This follower stated: "These comments😩. She stated facts. He can marry again and can have another daughter, but right now, at this moment, she is speaking facts. He won't forget her. She's the first person he married, and he gave her her first daughter and vice versa. First are important."

A fan said: "I dunno why every woman thinks she’s so unforgettable like there will never be another, then how you single sis?"

Another obsever replied: "All she had to say was he not going to get anybody better because that’s what she meant."

This person claimed: "He can definitely get married again and have another daughter. That’s not a major accomplishment🤔 I still love Monica."

This backer stated: "Everyone says she’s cocky because she said he’ll always remember her. Of course, he will! She could’ve dragged him through the fuck*ng mud, but she didn’t! Even though he deserves her ire, but all of you will find anything to be mad about."

Monica and Shannon wed in 2010 and have a beautiful daughter, Laiyah, together.

Monica shares sons, Rodney Jr. and Romelo, with rapper Rocko.

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