Monica Explains How Kim Kardashian Got Involved In The C-Murder Case As Victim's Family Lashes Out

Monica Explains How Kim Kardashian Got Involved In The C-Murder Case As Victim's Family Lashes Out
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Monica got fans buzzing when she shared a photo of her ex-boyfriend known as C-Murder. What people didn't know was that she was working on something much bigger.

C-Murder was convicted and sentenced to life for the killing of a man named Steve Thomas. He has said he was innocent of the crime many times that went ignored.

It turns out that Monica and Kim Kardashian have been silently working on trying to get the brother of Master P released due to an overwhelming amount of evidence that he is not the killer.

Monica took to social media to speak on it further.

'@cmurder & I are bonded by truth, honesty & Loyalty ! There’s never been a promise broken & I vowed to seek help! After a tearful conversation with @lala she and I spoke to @kimkardashian & I explained why I KNEW Corey was innocent… I shared that There are lots of issues in Corey’s case that speak to his innocence including witnesses recanting their testimony, dna not matching & a 10-2 jury! Corey deserves to come home to his girls and be the father they need, be the artist & leader he’s always been as well as spread hope to those who have also experienced this..I’ve locked arms with @kimkardashian, @jessicajackson, @edyhaney and all those who believe in Corey and are ready to fight to #FreeCoreyMiller,' she explained.

Unfortunately, the digging into the case seems to be upsetting the family of the murder victim.

His cousin took to Twitter to say: 'Keep in mind you are speaking on a family who is not in a position to come on here and speak on the behalf of STEVE THOMAS! How dare you speak his name as if you have some respect. Smh shame on you!!! Some things are better left alone. Let his soul rest in peace!!'

She added: 'SOOOOOOO BOTHERING OUR FAMILY AND THE SLIGHT PEACE WE HAVE DOES WHAT FOR YALL?? RIDDLE ME THIS IF HE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY COUSINS DEATH WHO DID? Reveal that part!! Then go from there. Thankfully his [parents] will not be exposed to these posts smh.'

Although this may dig up negative feelings for Steve's family, if C-Murder is innocent he should be freed. Hopefully, if this is the case, the real suspect is found.

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