Monica And Shannon Brown's Daughter, Laiyah, Is All Grown Up And Too Gorgeous In New Photos

Monica And Shannon Brown's Daughter, Laiyah, Is All Grown Up And Too Gorgeous In New Photos
Credit: Instagram

Monica and her ex-husband, Shannon Brown, share a beautiful daughter, and she seems to be growing up right before fans' eyes.

The singer and reality TV star took to Instagram on Father's Day and surprised her millions of followers with new photos of her daughter, Laiyah Shannon Brown.

In the photos, Laiyah is wearing matching outfits with Monica, and she looks beautiful with a massive smile on her face and her long hair flowing on her shoulders. The mother and the daughter were showered with compliments.

Zonnique Pullins stated: "baby y'all look good." One fan said: "Uhm no ma'/am where did my baby Laiyah go😩❤️. I wasn't ready!"

Another commenter shared: "Lawd hammercy Laiyah has grown so much!! Beautiful!!!"

Monica also wrote this message: "Happy Fathers Day, Shannon... Layyah does not play about you (check her face in this picture lol) I admire your love for Laiyah on so many levels! I would never allow your presence & purpose in her life to diminished in any way! As her Mom, I thank you for always letting her know she'll always have you to run to! (Hence the last slide) LOL, Many Blessings on this day & each that follows!"

She penned this note for her father: "Happy Fathers Day to the men that made me the woman I am... I was born to M.C. Arnold Jr. Dad, I love and value what we have now is a significant way! I learned to be tough, take care of myself & take Nothing from anyone from you! Get the most important lesson has been in forgiveness! I got you now and forever! This picture of you & Uncle Larry brought me to tears!! I'm honored to be your only🖤 Papa, and I would not know God or true love the way I do have it not been for you! God is all-knowing; he sent my mother & her children the man of honor that we needed! I will accept Nothing less for my children! Through you, I saw that DNA means Nothing to a real man, you gave us the best of you & continue to!! (no nursing homes for you big guy LOL just the best that life has to offer)... Please, on this day, acknowledge Fathers & Step Fathers that have Stepped up.🖤"

Monica and her family are raising the bar.


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