Monica Allegedly Giving Producers A Hard Time On Reality Show -- Mum On Divorce From Shannon Brown

Monica Allegedly Giving Producers A Hard Time On Reality Show -- Mum On Divorce From Shannon Brown
Credit: Source: TMZ

After years of infidelity rumors, Monica Brown has decided to divorce her husband Shannon Brown. If you were expecting her to spill the tea on the new season of 'T.I and Tiny Friends and Family Hustle,' don't hold your breath.

In a new report by TMZ, insiders claim that Monica has been giving the producers of the reality show a hard time. She won't talk about what went wrong in her marriage or the divorce.

To make matters worse, the singer allegedly won't even say his name! The showrunners are trying to build Monica's storyline but are having a hard time doing so because if you ask the star -- mum is the word!

TMZ explains: "The trailer for the reality show's upcoming season makes it seem like Monica's an open book when it comes to her divorce ... but we're told that couldn't be further from the truth. In the trailer, she says she never imagined being a single mother in her 30's -- but that's all you're gonna get outta her."

The mother has always been a very private person when it came to her real life. When it was announced that she said yes to do a reality show, many of her fans were shocked that she'd agree to let cameras into her home.

She recently announced that she's releasing new music. If Monica doesn't come clean on the show, she may save the telling of her heartbreak for her songs.

There has always been a debate on whether or not a person who does reality TV owes it to the viewers to be authentic. It's hard to balance personal privacy while also having a series that follows your real life.

Hopefully, Monica finds a way to be both truthful to her fans and respectful to her own privacy. Do you think the musician should have to talk about her divorce?

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