Model Mini Me, Kaia Gerber Wears Sweatshirt Of Mom, Cindy Crawford's Topless Photo

Model Mini Me, Kaia Gerber Wears Sweatshirt Of Mom, Cindy Crawford's Topless Photo

Following a parent's footsteps isn't an uncommon thing so it wasn't that surprising when Kaia Gerber, the 15-year old daughter of super model Cindy Crawford, seemed to take an interest in modeling. Kaia deeply resembles her mother while also bringing her own bit of sweet, innocent look to the few editorial shots she's done thus far.

Kaia made her love and admiration for her mother publically known when she recently stepped out, with both Cindy and father, Rande in tow, while wearing a black sweatshirt with one of her mom's iconic topless pictures on the back.

However, it isn't a piece that she picked up randomly to show her appreciation of her mom, the sweatshirt is actually part of Crawford's clothing line and can be purchased at a retail value of $260.

Crawford, now 51, still looks as good as ever. In addition to her business ventures, she is her kids biggest fan as they embark on modeling careers. Her eldest son, Presley, is also a model. “You know what, it's been really fun for me to see my kids get their feet wet in the fabulous world of fashion,” the model mom told Vanity Fair.

When speaking about the way Kaia resembles her, Crawford fully agrees and even says that her daughter can pretty much imitate her. When asked about if she gave either of her children specific advice about modeling and the industry, Crawford was very particular about her word choice.

She stated that she thinks each individual models relationship with and towards the camera varies, so it's best to trust personal instinct.

Crawford goes on to say that the advice she does give them can double as life advice and isn't something specific to the modeling realm. “The advice I give them is more about reminders- like be on time, be prepared, be professional, don't be on your phone, and talk to people.”

For kids coming from a rich and famous household, that type of advice probably goes much further than some may think. Especially when it counteracts this idea that nepotism is what will sustain them in their careers simply because of who their mother is. It makes them stand up and be accountable on their own merits.

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