Mod Sun Says Whoopi Goldberg's Comments On The View Changed His Perspective On Sharing Explicit Photos

Mod Sun Says Whoopi Goldberg's Comments On The View Changed His Perspective On Sharing Explicit Photos
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According to a report from Us Magazine, despite the fact celebrities such as Tyler Posey and Zendaya defended Bella Thorne after explicit photos of her made it on to the web, her ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun, said Whoopi Goldberg's recent comments on The View changed his view on sharing x-rated photographs.

Mod Sun, 32, spoke with reporters from TMZ in a brief interview published online on the 20th of June and said that Whoopi Goldberg had a point. In fact, the 32-year-old claims her viewpoints changed his perspective to the point where he doubts he'll share nude photos with people from now on.

Mod Sun said The View co-host spoke some "real s**t, I ain't gonna be sending no crazy pictures no more!" Mod Sun said to the outlet - after they asked if she made a good move by sharing the photos as a preemptive strike - that he would "absolutely not" do the same thing.

The rapper claimed he would allow "time" to handle things, however, "everyone does s**t" in their own way the 32-year-old explained. As it was previously reported, Mod, who broke up with the Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray writer back in April following a year of dating, stated the incident scared him from sharing his own photos.

Mod Sun jokingly told reporters, "Luckily, I've been told I have a great c*ck, so, maybe it'll be alright." Just two days ago, claims Us Magazine, Bella, 21, criticized Whoopi's comments regarding her choice to share the photos in the face of the hacker who was threatening to leak them on the internet.

In a tearful Instagram Story on the 18th of June, Tuesday, Bella said she feels "pretty disgusting," now that everybody has seen intimate and extremely private photos of herself. Bella accused Whoopi of being "so crazy," especially considering some kids commit suicide for similar reasons.

On the 17th of June, Monday, Whoopi Goldberg said to her fellow co-hosts that "if you're famous," it's not a good idea to take naked pictures of yourself and share them with people. Moreover, it's not a good move to put them on the Cloud because then hackers can potentially access them.

Us Magazine claims Mod Sun and Thorne haven't been doing very well lately ever since they broke up in April. Furthermore, they feuded online in May following the rapper's joke that he intended to sell some of her personal belongings on eBay.

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