Moby Will Perform at Trump Inauguration on One Condition

Moby Will Perform at Trump Inauguration on One Condition
Credit: Source: billboard

American singer and DJ Moby has offered his services to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington ... on the condition -- the president-elect will publish his tax returns, which he refused to do throughout the election campaign.

Moby said he was approached by an agent to perform at the event in the US capital on the night of the swearing-in of the billionaire on January 20.

A rather odd request considering how far left the artist leans -- not to mention he supported the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

"Hahahaha, really?" I think I will agree to DJ at a ball if in payment Trump publishes his tax returns," the singer said on Instagram.

Trump, a billionaire at the head of an immense empire, was the first presidential candidate for decades to refuse to publish his tax returns, despite the constant calls of his Democratic opponents. That did not prevent him from being elected.

And even if Mr. Trump was planning the evening entertainment, which seems very unlikely, he probably would not like the list of songs that Moby would play: he actually gave Billboard his playlist according to the reports. He included songs like I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.” (The Clash), “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine), “Idioteque” (Radiohead) and “American Idiot” (Green Day).

The New York singer had published a passionate letter in Billboard following the election of Donald Trump, whom he described as "racist" and who, according to him, "will be the worst president the country has ever seen."

The billionaire’s team seems to have difficulty finding top performers willing to perform in Washington on the day of his swearing in on January 20. The balls that take place on the evening of the ceremony throughout the city are, however, organized by independent organizations.


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