Mission Impossible Crushes At The Box Office And Takes The Number One Spot

Mission Impossible Crushes At The Box Office And Takes The Number One Spot
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There are a number of super successful action movie franchises out there right now, including Fast and Furious, Pirates Of The Caribbean , and the James Bond films. But the longest-running series - other than 007 - might have to be Mission Impossible , which got its start in 1996.

According to reports, Cruise's latest film crushed at the box office, primarily, with Generation X. The film did the best with the demographic between 35 and 49.

Paramount revealed that approximately 60% of the opening night audiences were between the aforementioned ages. The last instalment, Rogue Nation,  had similar numbers as well, which premiered in 2015, three years ago.

The film analytics company, Movio, said that Rogue Nation , the last installment of Mission Impossible, did exceedingly well with men over the age of 40, while the age group between 18-30 performed below the average.

The Fate Of The Furious , however, did better with the millennials, which makes sense, considering the original film came out in the early 2000's.

While Mission Impossible did the best mostly with white males over 40, Fast and Furious perform above the standard among both males and females.

Fate Of The Furious has a more ethnically mixed crowd than does Mission Impossible, but that probably has something to do with the ensemble cast, whereas Tom Cruise movies generally center around him.

According to the president of Paramount, the latest MI movie is an exceptional case of cinema, considering the first movie came out around 22 years ago, while the premise itself is approximately 40 years old.

While one might assume the movie isn't jiving with millennials, it turns out that they won't ignore it entirely. The film currently has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and also an A from CinemaScore polls, making it the highest rated movie in the franchise's history, meaning that it's likely the movie will get word-of-mouth promotion.

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