Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers Is Finding It Hard To Say Goodbye Despite The Backlash From The Miss Universe Comments

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers Is Finding It Hard To Say Goodbye Despite The Backlash From The Miss Universe Comments
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It looks like Sarah Rose Summers, the current holder of the Miss USA title, has grown quite attached to her position, and has been finding the prospect of letting it go a difficult one to face.

Also, yet, this is going to happen quite soon, as the competition is going to enter its 2019 round and pick a new star to replace her in her position.

Meanwhile, the current holder of the title has recalled many great moments she has had during the competition, especially with some of her colleagues.

She claimed that she would miss those beautiful moments, and wanted everyone to know that she has managed to have a great time during the last year under the crown of Miss USA.

She also went in detail about how the organization had helped her out initially, and har brought her under its wing while she was growing as a talent at first.

It looks like things have changed a lot on the scene around Miss USA as the competition used to have a somewhat negative reputation in some circles in the past.

This seems to be far from the case now though, with many people echoing the sentiments shared by Summers.

As for this year, the competition is shaping up to be as entertaining as ever, and it looks like fans of the natural human beauty will get plenty to see during the 2019 edition of the show.

So far, not much has been confirmed officially, but rumors are already going strong behind the scenes.

The young woman, who will give up her title on Thursday, stated: "It’s a bittersweet moment. I never, ever dreamt of being Miss USA. It was always, of course, something in the very back of my head, but it was never a goal that I had spoken into existence. Because Nebraska, which is my home state, had never even made the top five before, my goal was top 15. So everything after the top 10, top 5, top 3, winning and essentially representing the USA for the whole year has just been a cherry on top of the experience that I was excited about one year ago."

Despite her upbeat nature, the backlash over her Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia comments during the Miss Universe competition in December still haunt her.

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