Miss America 2020 Airs On December 19 On NBC, Watch As Nia Franklin Passes The Crown

Miss America 2020 Airs On December 19 On NBC, Watch As Nia Franklin Passes The Crown
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If you weren't aware, there are major changes underway in beauty pageants and the current Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss USA are all women of color. That might change tonight as the Miss America 2020 pageant kicks off and airs on NBC beginning December 19, 2019, at 8 p.m. ET/ p.m. CT. Nia Franklin will pass her crown in the 98-year-old beauty pageant that will see many changes. The swimsuit portion is gone and the new show will focus more on the contestants' talents than their physical attributes.

Nia Franklin, who is a black opera singer, was viewed as an unconventional win when one looks at the pageant's history, but in all hopes, she is just the beginning of a new direction for the pageant. One example of how the pageant is changing and more inclusive of other races is that Miss Texas, who will compete tonight, will wear her hair in a natural afro style.

The show will air for two hours and Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover will serve as co-hosts. Miss America 2020 judges will be Karamo, Lauren Ash, and Kelly Rowland. You may see a beautiful photo of the current Miss America, Nia Franklin along with her thanking the organization for the amazing opportunities she underwent the past year.

Here is what Miss America had to say in response to Nia's touching message.

"Today is the day! Our Miss America 2019 will pass on the title and job to another young woman. Nia, you have set the bar high! Your work this year Advocating for the Arts has been nothing short of admirable. Thank you for your commitment to service and for being a fantastic team member this year! We will miss you, but know there are exciting things in store next. We can’t wait to see you soar. 🥰 #MissAmerica #MAO #MissAmerica2020."

What do you think about the change in direction the Miss America pageant is taking? Do you agree with the organization's decision to do away with the swimsuit portion of the competition?

Gretchen Carlson is a former Miss America (1989) and is now the organization's chairwoman. She is also the woman who broke the story on the sexual harassment that was rampant at Fox News. Many changes have been initiated for the new Miss America pageant since Gretchen Carlson came on board.

Are you going to watch Miss America 2020 tonight?

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