Mischa Barton Explains The OC Typecast And How The Role Affected Her Career

Mischa Barton Explains The OC Typecast And How The Role Affected Her Career
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Mischa Barton, most commonly known by her fans as Marissa Cooper, has been trying to shed her Marissa-skin ever since she first left the show back in the early 2000s. Reportedly, Mischa just got a role on The Hills, and according to her, for her to be Marissa once again, "it's just not feasible at the ending of the day."

During a conversation with The New York Times, the star said that fans can look forward to seeing her on The Hills in a non-scripted format. According to Barton, people have always seen her one way, mostly as Marissa Cooper, however, she's hoping this role on The Hills will allow for the world to see her the way she really is.

As it was previously reported, Mischa left The OC during its season finale in the third season sixteen years ago in 2003. "I just had a lot in my career that I wanted to do and accomplish." Mischa Barton also had an appearence on the dancing reality television show, Dancing With The Stars.

Marissa said to reporters from The Times that she and the producers were talking about having her character just move to another town, instead of dying off completely, however, it was Mischa's decision to not end it like that because Cooper wasn't like that.

During her conversation with The Times, Mischa told reporters that Marissa simply wasn't that type of person, "she's one of those burnout characters," and frankly, there wasn't much else they could do with her in the remainder of The OC.

When Barton's character was killed off all of those years ago, there was massive fan backlash, however, it was something that Mischa believes was ultimately for the best. It's clear Mischa's career has faced hardships, with multiple appearances in reality television shows and small roles in movies, if she gets them at all.

Moreover, Barton was involved in a scandal with her ex-boyfriend, who filmed their sexual encounters and started shopping them around to different adult entertainment companies, before she finally decided to take legal action.

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