Miranda Lambert's New Husband Brendan Mcloughlin Was The Mystery Man Holding Her Back In Her Restaurant Fight

Miranda Lambert's New Husband Brendan Mcloughlin Was The Mystery Man Holding Her Back In Her Restaurant Fight
Credit: Source: People

After Miranda Lambert’s Nashville steakhouse fight last week, a video has emerged of the incident, and a 911 call reporting the altercation has also surfaced. Is it possible the mysterious male friend was Lambert’s new husband, Brendan Mcloughlin?

Lambert went out to dinner with her mom and a male friend last weekend at the Stoney River Steakhouse in Nashville. And, her friend reportedly got into an argument with an older man when they were in the restroom after someone made a joke about millennials and their phones.

The argument continued as the men made their way back into the dining room, and the older man allegedly went to Lambert’s table and started shouting. But Lambert didn’t back down.

According to the 911 call, Lambert was “flipping plates and trying to hit people” during the fight that ended with the country singer dumping a salad on a woman’s head. That woman was apparently the wife of the older man.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the fight escalated to the point that a waitress at the restaurant decided to call 911 to report it, and she told the operator about Lambert’s behavior before the singer ran out.

“Something happened in the restaurant between these two gentlemen, and another gentleman who walked up to her table and started cussing him out. And then they just – this is the third time they’ve gotten into it. And now Miranda’s trying to hit people, and she’s flipping plates over on ‘em,' she said.

A video has now emerged of the incident, and it looks like the mysterious male friend that Lambert was dining with could be her new husband Brendan Mcloughlin, a 28-year-old former New York police officer.

A rep for the singer confirmed that the two tied the knot a while ago, and Lambert broke the news to her fans in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Over the weekend, Lambert posted two wedding pictures and wrote that she had met the love of her life. She also thanked Mcloughlin for loving her and added the hashtag #theone.

After divorcing Blake Shelton in 2015, Lambert dated singers Anderson East and Evan Felker before marrying Mcloughlin. Of course, as fans know, Shelton has also found love with his girlfriend of three years, Gwen Stefani.

It is not clear how Miranda Lambert and Brendan Mcloughlin met, how long they dated before they got married, or what day it actually happened. Despite the drama, the couple looks very happy in their wedding pics.


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