Miranda Lambert Suggests She Wants To Start A Family With Husband Brendan McLoughlin

Miranda Lambert Suggests She Wants To Start A Family With Husband Brendan McLoughlin
Credit: Source: today.com

While in attendance at the CMA Awards, Miranda Lambert stopped on the red carpet to chat with People and during the interview, she suggested that she would maybe like to have kids with her current husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

According to the country singer, ever since marrying the policeman, she has been much less ‘career-driven’ than before and she now has some brand new ‘goals’ she would like to make a reality.

In other words, even though she has been working on her album as well as touring the entire year she and Brendan have been married, things are about to change.

In the near future, the celeb would rather focus much more on her personal life than her professional one.

‘I have so many dreams left. I am starting to set a new set of goals for myself, and much more of them are personal now than they were ever before, because I was so career-driven early on.’

While Miranda did not mention what kind of personal goals she has, it would make sense of she was talking about starting a family with her hubby.

However, fans don’t need to be worried as she still has some things she wishes to accomplish in her singing career as well.

‘I would like to write for a Broadway musical. I think that would be a cool thing that I’ve never done before. Also maybe a voiceover in a cartoon or something — maybe a little redneck fish in Nemo or something. Whatever they’ll have me do!’

She's been on the road, touring and she still has some more stops but that has not stopped her from spending time with her hunky husband.

You may know that he took a leave of absence just to be with her on tour!

Speaking of, the two were together at the CMAs as well and looked very in love.


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