Miranda Lambert Shares Her Most Intimate Post Of Husband Brendan McLoughlin Yet

Miranda Lambert Shares Her Most Intimate Post Of Husband Brendan McLoughlin Yet
Credit: Source: Fox News

Miranda Lambert shocked fans on Valentine’s Day when she announced that she had married New York City cop Brendan McLoughlin after secretly dating him for just a few weeks. In the months since the surprise nuptials, the country superstar has been extremely protective of her relationship and kept it relatively private, posting just a handful of pics on Instagram and keeping her comments brief during interviews. However, Lambert just shared her most intimate post of her new husband so far as she promoted her newest single from her Wildcard album.

Lambert recently posted a short video clip of McLoughlin doing some yard work at their Nashville home. He was running a weedeater while wearing nothing but gray knee-length shorts and sneakers, and his back was turned to Lambert while she recorded the clip.

Eventually, Lambert says “babe!” and he turns around to find his wife recording the video, and he starts to laugh. McLoughlin had no idea Lambert was there, as he had earbuds in his ears. In the caption of the video post Lambert writes, “Way Too Pretty For Prison” w/ @marenmorris out now! Speaking of pretty...house husband shirtless promo volume 2. #lawnhavemercy #thatgrasstho #livinonthehedge #loveisallweedneed #ihadto.”

This is the second time that Lambert has used a shirtless video of her husband to promote music on her new album. To promote It All Comes Out In the Wash back in July, she posted a video of McLaughlin doing laundry without a shirt on.

"He said he’s happy for me and whatever it takes to get my song out there. I do have a tendency to creep on him when he's doing house chores shirtless," Lambert told Billboard. "And so I figured why not share that with my friends? I creep on him doing all kinds of things: mowing, laundry, dishes. So whenever the next promo comes around, I'm sure I'll have a video."

Blake Shelton’s ex-wife also took her new husband to Texas to spend time with her family as her mom turned 60 and her parents celebrated 40 years of marriage. Lambert shared a series of pics on social media of the family’s country-style get together, including McLoughlin’s “first float” on the river and their Tex-Mex dinner at the Adobe Verde restaurant.

Too Pretty For Prison - Lambert’s new single with Maren Morris - has just dropped, and the song is about not murdering your cheating ex because you don’t want to go to prison. Leave it to Lambert to make cheating, thoughts of murder, and prison the subject of a comedy song.

Lambert says that she always tells her friends not to drink and drive because they are “way too pretty for prison,” and that’s what inspired the new single.


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