Miranda Lambert Not Repeating The Same Marriage 'Mistake' She And Blake Shelton Made With Her New Husband

Miranda Lambert Not Repeating The Same Marriage 'Mistake' She And Blake Shelton Made With Her New Husband
Credit: Source: today.com

As fans know, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin are a happily married couple but they are still newlyweds, which is why the country singer is apparently careful to keep it that way for a long time. One insider report claims Miranda and her policeman hubby are doing something pretty simple to make sure their relationship thrives.

Since her 2015 divorce from fellow country crooner, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert has learned some important lessons and one of them is that you need to spend as much time with your significant other as possible if you want to have a long, happy marriage.

Therefore, despite her and Brendan’s very busy schedules, they know it’s crucial to be together a lot which is why they constantly make efforts to spend quality time with one another.

Miranda is not about to make the same mistake she and Blake made, that ultimately led to their split.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘With her second marriage, Miranda has learned from that and she is trying to avoid the same mistake and Brendan is on the same page. He has no issues joining her on tour and taking time off work. He is happy and feels really lucky he can take the time to spend with her.’ Aww….

About the man being on leave from the NYPD to join her on tour, the insider mentioned that ‘Miranda never pressures him to do anything. He jumped at the chance to go with her on tour. It is a huge relief to Miranda that he is able to travel with her, because that way they do not have to spend time apart and deal with all the issues that come from that. Miranda believes married couples should be together as much as possible.’

After all, according to the source, ‘A lot of the issues in her last marriage stemmed from spending so much time apart.’


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  • Teresa
    Teresa Aug 7, 2019 8:47 AM PDT

    Did Miranda write this, sure sounds like it, just saying...

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Aug 2, 2019 8:35 PM PDT

    I surely understand why Miranda Lambert feels the way she does about spending all the time she can with your Hot Husband Brendan to make a Marriage work. But here's the thing, as far as her Ex Blake Shelton he's the one that was laid back & he said this himself. Miranda is the one that would fly out where he's out to spend time with him. Blake was not good at going to spend time with Miranda. That Marriage was one sided with that. That should have been a big Red Flag for Miranda. And Miranda was not the type to tell Blake what to do. But, Blake has move on with an Older Women that has been telling Blake what to do right from the begining, And Millions watching the voice seen exactly how Blake & her were flirting And yes it true. She's very Controlling of Blake & he just does whatever she wants. And Blake has always been the flirting type & Gwen knows that. Even Miranda point blank ask Blake about him flirting with Gwen on National T.V. and he told her that it wasn't true & that she was way to skinny for him. And Gwen gave Blake no room to fix things with Miranda. She showed up at all the places he was performing surprising him. I'm so Happy that Miranda & Brendan found each other bc Miranda definitely deserves way better than Blake. And all so here's another thing. When they were all at the 2019 CMA Awards Blake & Gwen left out while Miranda Performed, of course Gwen's Idea. But Miranda & Husband stayed while Blake Performed & Clapped like everyone else did. Wish they would stop that, it's Gwen being to jealous & Controlling. What really makes a Marriage or a Relationship to work is Trust, Love, Respect & both wanting to spend all the time they can with each other, Not one sided. I'm so Happy for Miranda & Brendan. Miranda Lambert McLoughlin I wrote this bc you were doing your part with Blake But ( It all came out in the wash ) Miranda & Brendan wish you a lifetime of Love. True Sole Mates💖💖

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