Miranda Lambert Gets Scolded By Her Mother-In Law For This Reason -- And Here Is What She Did About It

Miranda Lambert Gets Scolded By Her Mother-In Law For This Reason -- And Here Is What She Did About It
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It is no secret to any of Miranda Lambert's fans that she is highly recognized and successful in her career, and she has shown an excellent knack for her work over the years.

And even though she has received countless awards and recognition for her efforts, she seems to be on the modest side, rarely boasting about her success, and letting her work speak for itself for the most part.

And while Lambert herself has been okay with that, more or less -- as have her fans -- some people close to her have been a bit more disappointed with the situation and have no qualms about making that known.

More specifically, Miranda's mother-in-law has reportedly talked at length about how she should be doing more to show off her success to the world, and has accused her of not taking enough pride in her accomplishments.

Lambert humorously explained how she is the opposite behind closed doors, apparently having a large display for her accomplishments, and showing them off proudly to anyone who would look.

She even had an entire room that she referred to like her music room, so it does not seem like she is too modest about showing off how well she has been doing.

The singer/songwriter said: "Ironically enough, I have a room that's my music room, right in the front door, but it's like a study. It's got shelves, so I have my plaques, but it has doors. It's paned doors, but I like to close them sometimes. I don't care about that. My in-laws are in town right now, and I had the doors closed. My mother-in-law was like, 'You should show this off! You worked so hard.' I know, but I feel like it's nice to have all that."

She added: "When I was writing for this record, I hung tapestries all over the walls to cover everything," Lambert said. "Because I was like, 'That's great, but that's in the past.' I've got to keep moving forward. It's a good reminder of how long I've been doing this, and how hard I've worked. But at some point, I was like, 'I'm going to hang tapestries everywhere, and put up sparkle lights.' You have to keep going. You can't go back, 'Well, that one time I won that award for this song.' I gotta write a new song.'"

And most of her fans seem to agree -- Lambert is one of the most beloved personalities in music right now, and part of that is definitely due to her humble attitude and reserved nature.

Perhaps changing that would be a grave mistake for her popularity.

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  • Mary berkenstock
    Mary berkenstock Nov 18, 2019 9:44 PM PST

    I’m glad you are happy and in a amazing place in your life, you are my favorite singer and my favorites songs are the house that built me and tin man and ironically tin man is playing as I write this, hope your new life will always be filled with nothing but happiness

  • Melodie
    Melodie Nov 12, 2019 6:26 AM PST

    I like all your music u got a real man I think maybe there is one thing u need is a baby together it's something u wanted u would be a great mother n song writer singer u got it all n your hands I'm so proud of the woman u r if your not ready it's OK keep those songs flying I'm a big fan n always will be just be happy god bless u n everything u do girl u deserve it much love my one and only fan I love your music you are a great person keep up the good work don't let nothing get you down God's Got Your Back and so does your fans I wish I could come here u live but I'm sick I had surgery god bless y'all forever

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