Miranda Lambert Can't Wait To Have Kids With Her 'One And Only' After Secret Wedding!

Miranda Lambert Can't Wait To Have Kids With Her 'One And Only' After Secret Wedding!
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According to new reports, now that she is married again, Miranda Lambert is looking forward to having babies with her new hubby Brendan McLoughlin! As fans know, the two had a surprise wedding, and even though their marriage is long distance, the singer is ready to ‘start her own family’ as soon as possible!

One source tells Entertainment Tonight that ‘Miranda and Brendan want kids. [She] never felt ready until she met Brendan and now she is excited to be a stepmom.’

The man is already the dad of a three-month-old baby with ex Kaihla Rettinger, and the insider close to Miranda says she thinks it is ‘great practice for when she has a baby. We have never, ever seen her this happy and think she has finally found her one and only…Brendan makes Miranda feel grounded, centered and very safe.’

As for her plans to have children already, another source told HollywoodLife that ‘Miranda feels that she and Brendan would have gorgeous babies and she is excited to start her own family. Miranda has wanted to have kids for years. She almost thought she was going to have a family with Blake [Shelton], and a couple of her other exes, which was heartbreaking for her when things didn’t work out.’

So it sounds like this is not a spontaneous decision since she has wanted to become a mom for a long time.

They also dished that after her failed marriage with Blake Shelton, her romance with Brendan just feels ‘right.’

He truly makes her happy and ‘secure,’ which is why she is not hesitating to have children with him.

Miranda is not even affected by the fact that at this time they have a pretty long distance relationship since he is in New York. From her point of view, it 'makes the heart grow fonder!'

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