Miranda Kerr Says She Respects Katy Perry A Lot

Miranda Kerr Says She Respects Katy Perry A Lot
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Even though Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry have dated the same man, and one might assume there would be some animosity between the pair, Kerr claims she has a lot of "respect" for the pop star, who's scheduled to marry the Pirates of the Caribbean alum.

According to Bang Showbiz, the 39-year-old model, who has a son named Flynn with the actor, really admires the singer-songwriter. Bang Showbiz claims that Miranda was in attendance at the Kora Organics product launch at the beginning of the week, where she told reporters that her nine-year-old Flynn really loves skincare because she always used it on him as a child.

During a conversation with reporters from Us Magazine, Kerr explained that her 9-year-old with Bloom was "obsessed" because she always used skincare on him as a baby.

Fans of Kerr know that she has another 21-month-old child with Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat. As for how Perry and Kerr get along with one another, Kerr explained that she and the pop star actually mesh well.

Kerr claimed she and Katy were like a "modern family." Additionally, Kerr explained that she and Bloom were like family; as if he's a brother to her. She and Bloom have a very caring relationship with one another, which might seem odd to people outside of it.

What Kerr described as a "modern family" might actually grow in the future as well, as the 35-year-old singer and Bloom are hoping to have kids together sometime in the future. The 43-year-old actor has previously stated that he loves kids, especially after seeing the way Katy handles children.

As it was previously reported, Perry and Bloom are gearing up to get married in the springtime of this year , following the postponement in late 2019. Bloom and Perry confirmed they pushed the wedding ahead because they couldn't get the place they wanted, rather than because of trouble in their romance.

Earlier this week, Miranda also shared with People Magazine about how she and Evan Spiegel couldn't be happier.

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