Mira Sorvino Says Donald Trump's Sexual Misconduct Case Will Bring Him Down

Mira Sorvino Says Donald Trump's Sexual Misconduct Case Will Bring Him Down
Source: People.com

After Matt Lauer lost his job at NBC News due to allegations of sexual misconduct, many wondered when Donald Trump's day of reckoning would come. Mira Sorvino believes that day can't come soon enough.

The actress wrote "you're doing down" to Donald Trump on Twitter. Another user wrote that an NBC-employee besides Matt - who hosted The Apprentice - needed to be kicked out the door as well.

The 50-year-old said, "you already admitted in 2016 that the tape was real - you've admitted to #sexualassault, and you have almost twenty women with claims to back it up."

Sorvino thinks the "cultural tide" against sexual predators will sweep the President right out of his office in the White House.

A person wrote pointed to Trump's alleged immunity from allegations, and Sorvino said "no one is immune. Nixon proved that" despite President Nixon leaving the office for entirely different reasons.

As you may know, Sorvino is just one of many women to come out with stories regarding sexual harassment and misconduct. Mira said she had an experience with Harvey Weinstein during the Toronto International Film Festival in 1995.

In response, Weinstein and his legal team denied all of the allegations outright. Sorvino said she has "lived in vague fear of Harvey Weinstein for over twenty years."

Mira said, at the time, she didn't even think twice about what had happened. But, now realizes that the situation was inappropriate. The fact that Weinstein used his business-related cases to force himself on young women is atrocious. The actress added, "but as a woman who routinely advocates for women and girls who have been victimized," she could no longer remain silent.

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  • Travis Repp
    Travis Repp Oct 23, 2018 10:07 AM PDT

    Trump never confessed sexual harassment. He said something gross about attraction to a female reporter to another man behind her back, and besides, in that conversation, mentions no where actually grabbing any vulva, but says factually that those all too common women that throw out exposed breasts at any old guy so long as he's rich and famous act like they'd be fine with any such guy grabbing them by the genitals, which is a fault of the majority of modern women, whose collective standards are low.

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