Minnie Driver Says She's "OK" With Her Weight When A Fan Asked

Minnie Driver Says She's "OK" With Her Weight When A Fan Asked
Credit: Source: IBTimes.co.uk

This past weekend, Minnie Driver, who worked alongside Matt Damon in his first real big hit, Good Will Hunting, had some of her fans worried when she posted a snap to her social media in which she appeared to look thin - according to her "fans" anyway.

Minnie, 48, shared a photo of herself and while her intentions were to show off her swimsuit, followers were more concerned about the fact she is skinny. One person wrote, "beautiful, but please eat more." An additional user added, "please don't get thinner than this."

The comments continued in a similar vein, with each person adding yet another "concerned" remark, that was really more like a form of schadenfreude. The actress said in response, "I promise, I'm ok."

She added, "thank you for your kind concern." In the past, Minnie has said that she enjoys using her social media platform to talk with fans, including Twitter and Instagram. Speaking with ABC News in 2014, the star said she was "mad about it."

She actually loves using social media because it allows her to counter-balance against the stories printed in the media that may not be truthful. That way, she can actually address things personally and doesn't have to involve any other parties.

Regarding how she manages to keep herself in shape, she said, "I surf and I do ballet." The Good Will Hunting alum said she doesn't like to go to the gym much; it's not as fun as doing an actual activity.

Minnie Driver isn't the only actress to have people commenting on her frame. Modern Family stars, Sarah Hyland, and Ariel Winter, regularly have people commenting on their social media about either their weight or choice of attire.

It's something which Ariel, specifically, has addressed on a number of different occasions. Whenever one is in the public eye, it's hard not to escape the criticism of the masses, something to which Idris Elba can attest to also. In a recent interview, Elba went so far as to say that he regrets - on some level - being a star in the public's eye. It's just too much for him at times.

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