Ming Lee Simmons Is Kimora's Twin With New Blond Hair Color Pictures

Ming Lee Simmons Is Kimora's Twin With New Blond Hair Color Pictures
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Kimora Lee Simmons has a twin, and it is her 19-year-old daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, who is doing it for the Gram with a gorgeous new blond hair color.

Model Ming recently celebrated her birthday and to mark the occasion she decided to ditch her stunning dark black hair for a platinum blonde do.

The teen daughter of Russell Simmons also unveiled a spectacular photo with big curls where fans said she morphed into he mother thanks to her luscious lips -- the lips that the Kardashian/Jenner clan is wishing they had.

One fan reacted to the photos by stating: "Dang, I thought this was the mom she looks so much like her. Come on chun li!!!!! Knew she was gone be something. Her mama is Kimora!!!😍😍you are slayinnnnn in this outfit. I love the sunglasses πŸ’™aye shawty *in my T.I. voice* Kimora dad black and Ming dad is black which makes her more black than anything. She wants Barbie dream.. she better be a Barbie b!tch."

Another commenter replied that Ming and Kimora are identical and went on to say: "Your mother's twin πŸ’•Both of you look so stunning! Don't you think she's showing a little too much cleavage? Your baby girl? Looking like her momma with plump lips 😍😍Ming Lee is so beautiful. Watched her grow up to become a beautiful young lady. Keep ya head up. And stay away from them boys that have nothing going on."

This person clapped back at the haters who said she had plastic surgery by writing: "Um, she's 3/4 black. So she's A BLACK woman, and that's why she's beautiful. Don't do that. no, she doesn't when she's natural her hair is kinky, and her nose and lips are full. This is what the Kardashians strive to look like with their lip injections."

This supporter penned a kind note that read: "Twins Look just like her Mom here. Happy Blessed Birthday πŸŽ‚. Look at them long legs. Blondes do it best... wellll πŸ€”NAH yeah I was right the first time... Blondes do it best lol."πŸ™ŒπŸ˜­

Ming is always making headlines with her stunning looks just like her mother.

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