Mindy Kaling Poses In Bathing Suits And Shares Inspirational Message!

Mindy Kaling Poses In Bathing Suits And Shares Inspirational Message!
Credit: Source: etonline.com

The actress is reminding people to love the bodies they are in. Mindy Kaling took to social media to show off two bathing suit looks perfect for the summer, putting her curves on display!

The pics were also accompanied by an inspirational, body positive message to her followers.

In the caption, the star wrote: ‘IDK who needs to hear this but… 🗣 WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0. Swipe for my storytime and also have a great summer ❤️ (edited to say: this accidentally sounds like an ad but it is not- but I mean, if you want to buy ANY high-waisted bikini and wear it, tag a pic so I can comment)!’

It’s definitely something a lot of people need to hear and Mindy can spread such a message since she has definitely experienced a lot of criticism because of her weight as a public person.

One of the pics shows Mindy in a black bathing suit top paired with colorful high-waisted bottoms.

As for the second, it’s a fashionable blue floral two piece swimsuit accessorized with a pair of coral sandals.

Seeing her post, people in the comment section kept the positivity at a high, fans and friends flooding her page with body positive messages.

Here are a couple of the users praising the talented actress: ‘You look incredible!’ / ‘You look f'in' grrrreat, kid! Sexy Mama! 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️.’

Given the fact that she also had a baby not too long ago, getting such high praise for her looks is definitely appreciated!

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