Mindy Kaling Explains Why She Will Not Reveal Her Baby Daddy's Identity!

Mindy Kaling Explains Why She Will Not Reveal Her Baby Daddy's Identity!
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Mindy Kaling loves motherhood and she doesn’t need a man in her life to feel like her family is complete. Furthermore, the actress also made it very clear that she is not planning on talking about the mystery baby daddy to anyone for a pretty long time.

As fans know, Mindy welcomed her daughter, Katherine, back in December of 2017 but the father is still unknown and she wants it to remain that way.

During an interview for The New York Times Magazine, the 39-year-old star explained why she’s chosen not to share the man’s identity with the public - at least for now.

‘My feeling is that until I speak to my daughter about that, I’m not going to talk to anyone else about it. ... I think that people are surprised that for someone who seems as open as I am on social media and someone who writes things that seem drawn from my own life, I find that stuff [relationship with Katherine] really private,’ she told the news outlet during a brand new interview.

She had no problem raving over motherhood and how much it’s changed her, however.

‘Right now I am surprised at how much I enjoy being a mom... I didn't think I had a maternal instinct. I am very impatient, and a baby requires an amount of patience I was worried about. But they do not tell you that the thing will look so much like you, and do things that are sweet and so adorable, that you will naturally not have the same impatience you'd have with a stranger or someone who works for you.’

Mindy has not shared a picture of her baby girl’s face either as she wants to protect her privacy but as it seems, she is not shying away from talking about the bundle of joy.

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