Mimi Haleyi Files Federal Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Following His Incarceration

Mimi Haleyi Files Federal Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Following His Incarceration
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This Friday, Mimi Haleyi, the accuser who helped put Harvey Weinstein behind bars, slapped the Miramax co-founder with a federal lawsuit even though the producer has already been convicted for his crimes.

Mimi and her legal team filed court documents this weekend in which they accused Harvey of using his "wealth, power, and influence," to rope her into a relationship she didn't consent to.

From her testimony, Haleyi claimed Weinstein lured Mimi to his apartment in 2006 and forcibly performed oral sex on her after removing her tampon. Additionally, Haleyi claims the disgraced movie mogul pushed her onto the bed against her will.

Mimi says she cried and said the words, "no, no, no," during the incident which she states occurred on the 10th of July. In the court documents, Mimi claimed Weinstein's actions led to horrendous psychological pain which has lasted years.

Reportedly, Mimi agreed to meet up with Weinstein once again because she was desperate for work in the film business. She went to his place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and had sexual intercourse with him while he called her a "wh*re" and a "b*tch in an attempt to arouse her sexually.

Her lawyers claimed Mimi spoke with Weinstein for years afterward due to his connections in the film business. As it was previously reported, Weinstein was convicted of a first-degree criminal sex act for forcibly performing oral sex on her in 2006.

Back in March, he was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison. Now, Mimi is filing a suit against him in which she has asked for an unspecified sum of money, including lawyer fees. Juda Engelmayer, who is acting as the producer's spokesperson, said the lawsuit is an attempt to "pave the way" for other women to make "civil-damages claims."


As most know, Weinstein is now going to trial once again except in Los Angeles , where he's up against another 11 counts of rape, sexual battery, and other crimes related to the claims of five different women. Weinstein, whose case was the catalyst for the #MeToo movement, was convicted earlier this year.

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