Milo Ventimiglia Gets Nervous When His Childhood Idol Morrissey Performs On The Tonight Show

Milo Ventimiglia Gets Nervous When His Childhood Idol Morrissey Performs On The Tonight Show
Credit: Source: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Milo Ventimiglia appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night and became nervous when he found out his childhood idol Morrissey would appear on the program. The popular star of NBC's This Is Us wore a Morrissey black and white tee-shirt with black pants and jacket. When Jimmy announced Morrissey would appear on the show he held up Morrissey's new album California Son and Milo opened up his jacket so the audience and cameras could see his tee shirt.

While it was clear that Milo was a Morrissey fan due to his shirt, it became apparent he was a superfan when he spoke about his former idol.

Ventimiglia explained that when he was young, he not only listened to Morrissey on repeat but dressed like him and even styled his hair in a similar manner.

Jimmy mentioned to Milo that he heard he was excited about the show and guest and Milo confessed to being a little nervous.

As Jimmy continued speaking to him, it was clear Milo was more than a bit nervous and was really off his game.

Milo stated the following.

"It's one of those things where I kind of feel like he raised me a bit with his music.  And like, all of my friends, you know, we would just listen to the Smiths and Morrissey and then we would quote them."

Milo then lifted his hands so the audience could see them and said they were shaking.

You may see the full interview with Milo and Jimmy Fallon in the video player below.

Milo also said that when he was growing up, it was as if Morrissey consumed his life making the coincidental timing of the two appearing on the show perfect.

Jimmy Fallon told Milo that he thought it was fantastic they were both on the show and confirmed that he'd never seen Milo appear as nervous as he was.

The video of Milo has gone viral and people are sharing their opinions on social media. Many people are saying how surprised they were to see Milo being down-to-earth and geeking out over a celebrity just like other people do.

What do you think about Milo's reaction to Morrissey being on the show?

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