Milie Bobby Brown Tells Ariana Grande She Loves Her And Wears Crocs With Socks — The Internet Is Going Crazy

Milie Bobby Brown Tells Ariana Grande She Loves Her And Wears Crocs With Socks — The Internet Is Going Crazy
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Instagram

While Ariana Grande continues her Sweetener tour and shares glamorous photos on her official social media accounts, she received a bit of love from Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. Ariana shared a full-length selfie where she stood in front of a mirror. It was difficult to see Ariana's face as she stood with one leg perched against the other. Her hair was piled up in a high ponytail and two clips were visible in the front. Dressed comfortably and casual, Ariana wore socks with a pair of crocs. She chose two simple words to caption the photo, "Baby Platypus."

It wasn't long before her photo went viral on social media and people began responding. When Millie Bobby Brown replied with the message, "ILY," fans went crazy. The post went viral with more than 3 million likes and over 24,000 comments. Fans were thrilled to see Millie showing Ariana love and the response has more than 100 replies.

You may see the post Ariana shared on Instagram with her more than 164 million followers below.

Just as Ariana went viral for Millie Bobby Brown's comment, she also went viral for her fashion attire — more specifically, her crocs. Fans freaked out when they saw Ariana donning the footwear as Ariana is frequently known for her sense of glamour, fashion, and wearing top brands. Many were surprised to see her dressed so casually and there were multiple comments from those who said they never knew crocs could be so cool. There's no question that Ariana can make anything look fashionable, including crocs.

Not only did Ariana wear crocs, a very common choice of footwear in Florida, where Ariana is from, but she also paired her crocks with socks. That look isn't the most popular but once again, Ariana made it look cool. Ariana scrunched her socks low and it really gave her a cute vibe as opposed to wearing knee socks.

Will Ariana's fans really feel more comfortable wearing crocs with socks? Will a new fad kick off simply because of Ariana Grande's latest Instagram posts?

What do you think? Would you wear crocs with socks? Did you love Millie Bobby Brown's sweet message to Ariana?


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