Miley Cyrus Shaves Boyfriend Cody Simpson's Hair - Again

Miley Cyrus Shaves Boyfriend Cody Simpson's Hair - Again
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Page Six picked up on a social media post from Miley Cyrus recently in which the pop star was giving her boyfriend a haircut. Miley, following her split with Liam Hemsworth during the summer last year, began her relationship with Cody Simpson.

This past Thursday, Page Six reported, the 27-year-old pop star gave her man a fresh buzzcut. The couple is currently staying in their home in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic that has swept around the world and put major cities on lockdown.

According to Page Six, it's possible that Cyrus was merely the one who started working on his hair, but then a professional came in to finish the rest of it. Fans of the couple know she actually gave him a haircut in February as well.

Not long after, Simpson was one of her guests on Cyrus' Instagram Live program called Bright Minded. Simpson read a poem for Cyrus that's coming from his brand new book. Cody and Miley have been dating for approximately six months now.

As was noted above, before her romance with Cody, Miley was married to Liam Hemsworth but their romance ended abruptly. At the beginning of the year, Nick Markus reported that the breakup still has Liam quite upset.

According to Markus, a source who spoke with HollywoodLife claimed Liam was still quite depressed about breaking up with Miley and was "missing her a lot." With that said, however, Liam is a lot happier now but is still getting used to it.

Some reports have suggested Liam and Miley weren't a great match anyway, considering Cyrus' lifestyle and views. The source added that as Liam was getting older and older, he realized their marriage was never going to fit the mold he hoped for.

Liam was hoping for traditional marriage, but that wasn't what Miley was into. Furthermore, the insider explained that Liam and Miley's family was diametrically opposed to each other in every way.

Cyrus, of course, is the daughter of Billie Ray Cyrus who has been a performing artist for decades.

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