Miley Cyrus Shares Teaser On Instagram As New Album Gets Closer To Release

Miley Cyrus Shares Teaser On Instagram As New Album Gets Closer To Release
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According to multiple reports, Miley Cyrus - in the days leading up to her next album, She Is Coming - took to Instagram to post a photo in which she's wearing boisterous lingerie. The star is releasing her newest record tonight at midnight.

The 26-year-old pop star has been doing a lot of promotional content on her social media accounts in the last little while, including videos and images of herself wearing high-fashion-inspired outfits and lingerie. In the newest one, which can be seen in the post below, the singer rocks a black Gucci bra along with briefs of the same brand and color.

On Tuesday, the singer unveiled the cover art for her record as well, which features a B&W photo of her leaning down toward the camera while wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt as well as spikey acid-wash pants. For the last few weeks, Miley, who's in a relationship with the actor, Chris Hemsworth, has been doing interviews as well.

Recently, the star joked that she enjoyed the pat-down at the airport from TSA agents because she needs a "little human touch" every once in a while. The star joked that there exists a love-hate relationship between her and the TSA agents.

Coincidentally, her comments about TSA agents came shortly after the soul legend, Diana Ross, said her experience at the airport was terrible. The singer said on her account that dealing with them was a nightmare. The organization responded, saying they dealt with her as per-usual protocol.

This will be Cyrus' sixth album in total, following Younger Now from 2017, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz from 2015, Bangerz from 2013, Can't Be Tamed f rom 2010, 2008's Breakout, and finally, Meet Miley Cyrus from 2007.

Her last album featured singles like "Malibu," and "Younger Now," and while the record was a commercial success, it didn't receive a great rating from the review aggregator, Metacritic, who slotted the album at a mere 58/100. Pitchfork wasn't very forgiving as well, as they gave it a meager 4.7/10.

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