Miley Cyrus Says She Knew Became A Star When She Made Cher Mad

Miley Cyrus Says She Knew Became A Star When She Made Cher Mad
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Miley Cyrus has been a massive star in the music industry for over a decade now, and there was a particular moment where she realized that she had finally achieved success. Page Six says Miley knew she had made it when she found out that she had "p*ssed off Cher ."

According to the outlet, Miley appeared on Billy Idol's SiriusXM special, Live Transmission Christmas, where she explained to the rocker about how she had become famous and what it was like for people to hate on her.

Miley started off her discussion with the idea that so many people had something nasty to say about either her as a person, her records, or her music. Cyrus says she once had Cher "come after" her on Twitter, and that was the moment where she knew she had blown up.

"Cher gives a f*ck about what I'm doing," Cyrus remembers saying to herself. Apparently, Cher wasn't happy with Miley's performance at the 2013 VMAs, saying how Miley didn't look good, she couldn't dance, and her "cheek was hanging out." Cher also told her not to stick her "tongue out" if it was "coated."

Fans of the singer-songwriter know her performance at the VMAs that year was one of the most controversial points in her career. Moreover, it was the point where Miley was able to distance herself from her former Hannah Montana -good-girl persona.

According to Miley, Cher got really mad at her because she was sticking her tongue out all of the time. Cyrus explained how it was such a big deal to her at the time because she looked up to Cher and other artists of the past.

It's such a great sign when the people you look up to hate on you; it's a sign that you're doing well and are becoming known and successful, the pop-star explained. "It's still a compliment," Miley said to the host of the series.


In case you missed it, Billy recently worked with Miley on her latest record. As for Live Transmission Christmas , it'll come out on SiriusXM on the 22nd of December.

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