Miley Cyrus Says She 'Hooked Up' With Girls Long Before Having Any Interest In Boys!

Miley Cyrus Says She 'Hooked Up' With Girls Long Before Having Any Interest In Boys!
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The singer and actress spilled all during her appearance on the Call Her Daddy Podcast! Miley Cyrus was ready to open up about a lot of personal things including her first time!

But while that happened at 16 with Liam Hemsworth , Miley revealed that before that, she had already hooked up with girls!

As fans know, Miley Cyrus identifies as pansexual and it’s no secret that she has dated both women and men.

‘I was attracted to girls way before I was ever attracted to guys when I was like 11 years old. I used to think Minnie Mouse was super f***ing hot, which is good, because I ended up on Disney. So I just always thought that my chances with Minnie went up,’ Miley joked on the podcast.

The young star was apparently curious about some things as she was growing up, just like everybody else, and this led to her experimenting with girls her age, long before she did anything with boys.

‘When I was like, 11, 12, my friends were starting to, like, tell me what they were doing with guys, and I did not really understand it. So I got most of my girlfriends to hook up with me. First time I ever hooked up with anyone was a girl. Two of them!’ Miley told the host.

Obviously, she did not go into any details and neither did she reveal when she started messing around with guys as well.

But what she did say was that she never went all the way before the age of 16 when she met Liam Hemsworth and began dating him.

She mentioned that ‘I ended up marrying the guy, so that’s pretty crazy.’

Unfortunately, the two ended things last year after only 8 months of being married and over a decade of dating each other on and off.

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