Miley Cyrus Raves About Liam Hemsworth In New Post

Miley Cyrus Raves About Liam Hemsworth In New Post
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Miley Cyrus is simply head over heels in love with her hubby, Liam Hemsworth and she was not afraid to make it obvious. Seeing his look at the Avengers: Endgame premiere, Miley couldn’t help but fangirl just like the rest of us!

It seems like even after getting married, they are still each other’s biggest fans.

Miley took to her social media to post a pic of Liam posing on the red carpet and smiling.

In the caption, she raved about her life partner, saying: ‘I’m literally freakishly obsessed with [my] husband right now. Like, always has [SIC] been, always will be, but RN it’s EXTRA compulsive.’

Does that compulsion also come with a desire to have his kids?

Her brother, Trace Cyrus and his fiance Taylor Sanders previously talked with HollywoodLife, sharing whether or not Miley and Liam are ready to become parents.

‘No,’ Trace simply replied as Taylor went on to explain: ‘She has no desire. I think that she has so much ambition to do much more in her career even though she has done so much. It is just not the time for her.’

The pair also dished on how the two managed to keep their relationship going strong so many years.

Taylor argued that ‘I think just trial and error. They’ve been together since she was 16. It’s hard to break that bond. From an outsider's perspective, I have met them both, obviously. She is just so cool and chill and down to earth and I feel like he is like that too. They just fit together perfectly. They are both so cool and nice and just down to earth people.’

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