Miley Cyrus Is Slammed For Sharing This Sizzling Photo As Drama With Liam Hemsworth And Kaitlynn Carter Heats On

Miley Cyrus Is Slammed For Sharing This Sizzling Photo As Drama With Liam Hemsworth And Kaitlynn Carter Heats On
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The split between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus is getting nastier by the minute with a series of he said, she said.

Meanwhile, the singer and actress has been seen kissing and having a heavy makeout session with Kaitlynn Carter.

As the rumors swirl around, Miley has been trying to change to the conversation with a series of photos that are about nature.

However, the harsh comments started pouring in after a few people noticed that Miley carried a plastic bottle while hiking on a stunning mountain top.

A nature lover replied: "I love you with my whole heart. Stay away from social media as much as you can. You don't need to be reading any of these nasty comments from people who don't know you and aren't open to educating themselves about you. I love you, MC. ❤️"

Another person said the following: "Committed to respecting mother earth but is that a single-use plastic water bottle you're holding?. I love this, but you say you respect the planet yet you carry a plastic water bottle which is killing our oceans and in turn, the earth. I know you can do better! ❤️"

This ex-fan revealed: "You are also super disrespectful towards your husband if you don't know how to be a married woman or act like a lady then why lead him on to thinking you would. You announce major things like not having kids... pretty much-putting pressure on him, and then you are caught kissing another woman while still married and then announce your split in the same day. Major disrespect. You need to get your priorities straight and get a real hobby you spend way to much time posting stupid stuff on social media... I used to love and adore you now you're a mess seriously."

This supporter of Liam's shared: "I liked you Miley was rooting for you, but deep down you wouldn't change, and instead you would just hurt Liam. You should've left him alone to make his life with someone who would truly love him. You need to grow the hell up!! I was rooting for you! You got married! Marriage is for life, not seven months because YOU decided you didn't want to PLAY house anymore. You're a sad, sad little girl Miley Cyrus."

Liam has returned to Australia to get away from the drama.

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